My Work

Sharda’s Services
  • Strategic Planning – I can help your organization develop a strategy for your own unique goals and refine your approach to communications; and I will work with you to plot the most effective use of your resources.
  • Media Training – I provide coaching on how to work with the media. I can help you cultivate your image and voice, and become a powerful public speaker.
  • Ideation – I will lead you to creative ideas and innovative approaches to earn the attention your organization needs to get your messages out.
  • Influencing Public Opinion – I have experience developing persuasion campaigns to educate target audiences and move the dial towards greater support.
  • Publicity and Public Relations – I can harness new and traditional media to help you get on the radar of journalists and earn media coverage.
  • Writing, Speaking and Multimedia – I am able to produce a wide variety of written and multimedia materials (everything from video to op-eds to publications and websites).

Communications strategist” – what does this mean? I support righteous causes like peace, human dignity, access to health care, housing, ending hunger, education, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ rights, ending marijuana prohibition and others to share their message about how they aim to make the world a better place. I help groups working for positive social change find the sweet spot to amplify their message and shift public opinion – sort of like an Olivia Pope with less expensive clothes, no body count, and a much bigger representation of hippies in her Rolodex.

My goal is to spread the knowledge and expertise I have amassed in nearly two decades of working in human rights advocacy and narrative change. When I say “narrative change,” I am referring to the process of shifting public consciousness and opinion around issues that require society to evolve and embrace progress.

Now more than ever, we need to make thoughtful and effective interventions in media, arts and politics to challenge poverty, racism, and a status quo that only serves the most privileged few. I’ve been doing this with great impact for many years, and now I want to spread these skills out further to more people in multiple places at once. I think the most effective way for me to do this is as a consultant. I hope to help many different groups to harness their power of persuasion and create powerful stories that will change the world. Let’s get it.

twitter: @ssekaran
linkedin: shardasekaran