It’s been an eventful ride for me in life and career. My work has appeared in many different outlets. Among them are CNN, The New York Times, The New Yorker, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Grio, Black Enterprise, Fox News, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg News, Ebony and even unlikely places like Inside Edition.

I’ve ghostwritten for everyone from celebrities to elected officials to everyday people with something important to say. I’ve organized media spectacles and creative actions ranging from satire political conventions organized by Arianna Huffington, cute shirtless guys and comedians promoting marijuana legalization on YouTube, using online dating sites to get out the youth vote, gathering dozens of actors to dress up in clothes from the alcohol prohibition era to protest the drug war, and making stock photos and b-roll footage to raise awareness about stereotypical depiction of marijuana users. Resourcefulness and creativity might be my greatest assets.

Here are some recent highlights in no particular order:

Sandra Bland Marijuana Smear Is Another Cheap Trick of Racist Drug War

  • Huffington Post

Charlotte Police Foment Unrest And Attempt To Use Marijuana To Justify Killing Keith Lamont Scott

  • Huffington Post

Will new Obama policy on marijuana be a boon for black America?

  • The Grio

How being banned can be a blessing – Richard Branson

Perfectly Awkward Stock Photos For Today’s Casual Stoner

  • BuzzFeed

Sexy Shirtless Ad Sells Marijuana Legalization

  • GoLocalPDX

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