Lessons from Katrina: Put Human Rights at the Center of Disaster Recovery

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I am not a professional disaster relief worker, but I think the times we are living in will require all of us to find our personal roles and contributions to supporting disaster relief. However much we may wish to avoid it, the evidence that our climate has been irreparably changed by human activity is unavoidable. […]

Lessons from Katrina: Support Local Community Groups for Hurricane Harvey Relief and Recovery

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Hurricane Katrina exposed extreme failures in disaster prevention, and endemic mismanagement and corruption. Moreover the negligent response sent a chilling national reminder that there is little value placed on the lives of people who are poor and black in the United States. My work around Hurricane Katrina was as a human rights advocate and co-founder […]

Powerful Ancestors

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  A few months ago, I had the incredible good fortune to visit the Smithsonian Museum of African American History in Washington, DC. The place is an awe-inspiring testament to the deep wounds, trauma, resilience, power, culture, magic and beauty of the Black American experience.  I walked through the exhibits feeling like I was floating […]

Malayalam Girl Power

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My mother has never offered me a whole lot of information about her relationship with my father. He was an international graduate student in chemistry at Michigan State University. She was an undergraduate student in urban planning.  It was the 70s. He had striking features, long black hair and dark skin. She said she’d never […]